eBaldi® - Natural skincare inspired in ancient rituals from the Maghreb

Tradition and
science in balance
Combining tradition and ground-breaking
technology in clean and transparent beauty

We don't sell beauty, we deliver experiences

Ours is a two-fold mission: to take different natural skincare ingredients and combine them with ancient traditions, rituals, and formulas to provide a unique holistic experience, all while guaranteeing sustainability and quality.

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Learn the most recondite secrets of Maghrebi beauty


Amazigh women, antifragile beauty

In the inclement climate of the Atlas Mountains, Amazigh women still show off healthy and silky skin. Find out what…

eBaldi, a journey through the most holistic and ancestral Maghreb

At eBaldi we don't sell beauty, we deliver experiences. We offer you the chance to explore the other shore of…

What is maskne and how can you prevent it?

El uso continuado de la mascrilla puede ocasionar brotes de acné. Te explicamos qué es el maskne y cómo prevenirlo…

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