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Amazigh women, antifragile beauty

Why do Amazigh women have such beautifully natural and healthy skin?
Discover their secret and unveil the natural beauty of your skin


If we are to define it in terms of the essayist Nassim Taleb, anti-fragile would be the ideal term to describe the beauty of these women’s skin. The “anti-fragility” of their skin stems from its resistance to adversity and misadventures.
Likewise, the skin of Amazigh women can withstand strong Saharan winds in the hottest months of summer, extremely low temperatures in winter, and extreme humidity or dryness that they experience depending on the area and the season of the year.
But despite the great differences that appear from one locality to another, all women have one thing in common: strong, healthy skin and impurities-free. The secret is simply an appropriate and consistent hydration with natural complexes well-proven for millennia.

Dermatologists, such as Dr. José Luis Ramírez or Dr. Maribel Yébenes, confirm that you should not be seduced by the marketing of creams sponsored by celebrities and that come in attractive packaging, but that you must limit their use and opt for more organic products that help enhance the natural repair of your skin.

But what is the convergence point between these dermatologists and Amazigh women? One ingredient: nothing more and nothing less than argan oil. This oil, ancestrally used by Amazigh women, has undeniable benefits. But those benefits are not merely home remedies or cultural beliefs. We have at our disposal an infinity of laboratory studies that confirm the magnificent benefits of argan oil, giving scientific credibility to the ancient Maghrebi beauty routines.
This oil – provided it is formulated properly – is the optimal ingredient to achieve deep and long-lasting hydration, and effective and visible skin repair and regeneration. Amazigh women have been using it for centuries, in combination with other natural elements such as rose water or henna, to treat the face complexion and the body in general.

Argan oil is such a versatile ingredient that it is essential for moisturizers since it not only nourishes and regenerates the skin but is also non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog pores and therefore does not have side effects like blackheads or acne. On the other hand, it is also moisturizing, so it manages to maintain and, most importantly, seal the hydration into the skin throughout the day.

At eBaldi we want you to also have the opportunity to experience that dream skin, comfortably and adapted to your routine. For this reason, we offer several products with argan oil as the main ingredient in new and innovative formulas, guaranteeing real results from the first use. IT’S TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW. TRY IT NOW!

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