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What is maskne and how can you prevent it?

Prolonged use of face masks can cause acne breakouts. Learn what maskne is and how to prevent it and treat it

The use of the hygienic mask is already mandatory in many countries around the world, and most of us find ourselves imperatively wearing the mask for long hours every day. We can find out through the media how necessary and useful this article is to protect us from the virus, but there are also health professionals, dermatologists in particular, who warn about the misuse of the mask and the skin problems it may cause.

What is Maske?

Maskne is acne or pimples that break out in the areas in contact with the mask. This type of acne has special treats, since it triggers a special inflammation, it easily spreads to other neighboring areas of the skin and takes much longer to disappear.

What causes Maskne?

One of the first practices that encourage the appearance of pimples on the skin covered by the mask is the excess or lack of hydration. Moisturizing the skin is a necessary and essential step in our daily skincare routine. But you have to know how to sufficiently moisturize the skin in moderation.

Finding the middle ground between not enough and too much hydration can be tricky. The idea is to understand what type of hydration our skin needs at all times and find the balance between dryness and saturation.

On the other hand, we all know how important it is to purify and clean the skin well in the morning and at night, but as with hydration, we must be very careful when carrying out this essential step. Over-exfoliation of the skin is one of the reasons that promote the appearance of Maskne since it leaves the skin vulnerable and exposed to bacteria, sweat, and traces of makeup that last in the mask. At the same time, you also have to be careful with the use of inefficient cleansers, such as make-up remover wipes or simply tonics, as they can leave pores still clogged, which favors the appearance of acne.

And last but not least, it is key to pay attention to the masks we use. We have to understand that the combination of a not very breathable mask and our breath for many hours creates a kind of microclimate that makes the area the ideal place for the appearance of pimples.

How to prevent and treat Maskne?

It is essential to use moisturizing products to give our skin the balance it needs, but without excess, since we can achieve the opposite effect by using multiple products at the same time and wearing the mask for many hours.

We recommend the use of a moisturizer only, at least during the day. Find the ideal moisturizer for your skin, since each type of epidermis has its own needs. For dry and sensitive skin, a thicker cream is recommended, which deeply moisturizes the skin.
On the other hand, for combination or oily skin, with an acne tendency, a water-based gel or cream is recommended that penetrates through the sebum and moisturizes the skin without leaving any greasy effect afterwards. And for more mature skin it is advisable to use moisturizers with multiple oils and active elements that help regenerate the skin in all its layers.

Find the ideal moisturizer for your skin!

It is also important to use suitable sun cream, not only to protect ourselves from harmful rays, but also as a protective layer between the skin and the mask that reduces the chances of infection, abrasion, or injury.
We must also emphasize how important it is to use mild cleansing and exfoliating gels daily to ensure that we clean impurities well without damaging the skin. Opt for a gentle CLEANSING GEL that helps decongest pores and remove makeup and accumulated sweat, accompanied by a gentle SCRUB with natural particles that accelerate cell regeneration and removal of dead skin.

Finally, do not overuse disposable masks, and in the case of reusable masks, try to wash them daily and disinfect them well to remove any trace of dirt.
By following these simple steps and implementing them in our daily routine we can treat and avoid these unwelcome pimples. Stay safe without sacrificing your skin!

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